Annual Report and Accounts 2013
Petra Diamonds Limited 7
Performance Review
Strategic Review
Corporate Governance
Group Accounts
Over the years, the Group has experienced a number of
challenges, but its ability to face and overcome such challenges
has helped ready the Group for its future success.
Reflecting on another successful year, I would like to especially
thank our host Governments of South Africa, Tanzania and
Botswana, as well as our black economic empowerment
partners and the Petra Diamonds Employee Trust for their
continued support.
Finally I would like to thank all Petra employees for their
incredible commitment and hard work. It is not easy to
maintain the level of growth that we have achieved and
continue to achieve. Petra is undoubtedly a special company
and it is being driven forward by a special team.
Adonis Pouroulis
11 October 2013
Our people play a vital role in the
successful delivery of our strategy.
Petra is committed to the training and
development of employees in order to
ensure the current and future skills needs
of the organisation are met, and we offer
both legally required and career-oriented
training in both the technical and
non-technical disciplines that exceeds
legislated training requirements. Petra
recently completed the Skills Audit Project
to evaluate employee skills in the context
of the skills required by our business,
now and in future. The project helped
the Company to refine its approach
to training and employee development.
ca. US$4.5m
The health and safety of employees and contractors is
Petra’s most important consideration. The Group’s safety
performance improved in FY 2013, with a 41% reduction
in the Company’s LTIFR. This was an encouraging trend
considering the increase in activities as the Group’s
capital programmes progressed. Much of this improved
performance can be attributed to safety awareness
campaigns run by the Group, particularly during the
holiday season towards the end of the calendar year,
which all formed part of the integrated health and safety
programmes in place at each operation.
Striving for zero harm
Employee development
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