Petra Diamonds Limited
Annual Report and Accounts 2013
Corporate Governance
Report of the HSSE Committee
FY 2013 HSSE Committee highlights
Review of relevant legislation and regulations, reporting
to the Board on levels of compliance as appropriate.
Review of international guidelines and best practice
in respect of Petra’s sustainability reporting.
Introduction of a revised Group Code of Ethical Conduct,
providing a reference point on the high standard of conduct
we expect from all Petra employees.
Focus on labour relations and improved employee
communication, with a number of internal communications
initiatives launched and rolled out.
Oversaw the commencement of Group carbon emissions
reporting and consideration of the various emissions
disclosure mechanisms.
Monitoring of HSSE performance and reporting
to the Board on any material issues.
Review of the Group’s compliance with the Global
Reporting Initiative Guidelines, using the Indicator
as a useful review measure.
Chief Executive Officer
Johan Dippenaar
Senior Management
Group Operations Manager
Head of Mining Operations
Group Support Manager
Group Legal Services Manager
Group SHE Manager
Group Environmental Coordinator
Johan Dippenaar
Role of the HSSE Committee
The principal functions of the HSSE Committee include
the following:
to evaluate the effectiveness of the Group’s policies and
systems for identifying and managing health, safety, social
and environmental risks within the Group’s operations;
to assess the policies and systems within the Group for
ensuring compliance with applicable legal and regulatory
requirements with respect to health, safety, social and
environmental aspects;
to assess the performance of the Group with regards to the
impact of health, safety, social and environmental decisions and
actions upon employees, communities and other stakeholders;
to review management’s investigation of all fatalities
and serious accidents within the Group and actions
taken by management as a result of such fatalities
and serious accidents;
to evaluate the quality and integrity of any reporting
to external stakeholders concerning health, safety, social
and environmental aspects; and
to review the Group’s performance indicators in connection
with health, safety, social and environmental aspects.
FY 2013 marked the first full year of operation for the HSSE Committee
and we focused on addressing safety performance and the other HSSE
matters most material to the Group.
Johan Dippenaar, Chairman of the HSSE Committee
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