Petra Diamonds Limited
Annual Report and Accounts 2013
Our Commitment
Petra Diamonds is committed to the
responsible development of its assets
to the benefit of all stakeholders.
Petra’s strategy is to create value by
optimising and extending the lives of its
world-class diamond mines to deliver
sustainable, long-term operations and
significantly increased production.
As at 30 June 2013, Petra’s workforce
encompassed over 5,000 people
in South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana
and as such the Company is a significant
employer in Africa. Corporate social
responsibility is integral to the way the
Group structures and operates its mining,
development and exploration projects,
and this strategy aims to benefit Petra’s
employees and local communities
for many years to come.
Sustainable growth
Petra’s strategy is to build a sustainable long-term future for the business,
which in turn will deliver value to all stakeholders
Williamson was the overall winner
for the category ‘Large Scale
Minerals Projects’ in Tanzania’s
Presidential 2012 awards on
Corporate Social Responsibility
and Empowerment.
Petra reports in detail on its sustainability
performance annually.
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